Monday, November 10, 2008

Learning From Mary

Recently, I have been engrossed in a book by my favorite author, Elizabeth George. The title of the book is Remarkable Women of the Bible. The chapter that I read this morning was about Mary. I thought I would share with you some thoughts from this chapter that just really stuck out to me.

  • When the Lord went looking for a woman to bless as mother to His Son, He searched for a woman who loved God. From the world's perspective, Mary seemed completely unfit, unusable for any task. Do you often feel that way too? You may feel that you are no one special, that you are defecient in areas that the world deems essential, that you need more education, better clothes, a better resume, a better pedigree-the list goes on. But if you love God-if you seek after Him in your heart-you'll find favor with Him, and He will use you. Now I ask you, my friend, do you want to do extraordinary things for God? Then start by simply loving and obeying Him.
  • Mary's love for God qualified her to be used by God. She was poor, young, and unknown, but she possessed a faith that was pleasing in God's sight, so she found favor with Him. Beloved, when you love God enough to pay the high price of obedience, then you too, will be highly favored by Him. Just imagine-and pray about-how He might use you.
  • Whatever God wanted, this humble handmaiden was willing to do, even though obedience meant that everything in her life changed forever.
  • Do you wonder why Mary was able to accept God's radical plan for her life? Mary's own words answer that question. She saw herself as God's handmaiden and, as such, accepted His will for her life.

These are pretty powerful words spoken about the mother of my Lord and Savior. I can only pray that my life and m y faith would be as strong as hers.

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