Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baptized in Love

I decided to start my own meme. What better day to start than on Sunday and my favorite time of each and every day, Time with the Savior.

Right after Robert got saved when he was 5 years old (he did that all on his own. Even at the age of 5 his heart was tender toward the Lord with no pushing or shoving from anyone), alot of people said that he needed to be baptized right away. At the time, he was very scared of going under the water because he had not learned how to swim yet. For a while I was stressed with this issue, because I wanted to make sure that Stephen and I were leading him correctly in following the Lord. So we both began searching about baptism and here is what we found out:

  • The thief on the cross that accepted Jesus as his Savior was never baptized and yet he went to be in Paradise with the Lord.
  • Salvation is built on grace alone and baptism has nothing to do with being saved or getting saved.
  • Baptism is an outward expression of your inner change. It lets the world know that you have made a decision to follow Christ.
Once we read this and felt that Robert would be okay if he never got baptized, we sat down with him and explained what baptism was. We left it at that, and did not push or anything. Two years later, when he was comfortable enough with someone dunking him under the water, he made that outward profession by participating in baptism. He was so proud of himself for making this choice on his own.

Today, I leave you with a video from Trace Adkins that has become one of my favorite videos of all time!

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