Saturday, February 21, 2009

If One More Thing Breaks.....

This week has been a very frustrating week at this house with appliances.

For starters, on Wednesday, Kayla was washing dishes and she accidentally hit my coffee pot on the side of the sink. CRACK! No more coffee pot.....(sigh) Stephen was sweet enough to replace it right away. He said I am like a demon when I don't have my coffee in the morning (I don't see that, but the kids tend to agree with him....whatever!)

On Thursday, the washing machine died. I had washed clothes the day before, but on Thursday, the washing machine bit the dust! It was only 14 years old! I mean my goodness, you would think it would last at least another 4 or 5 years. I was a little aggravated at this point.

I'm not done yet, so don't say "poor thing", wait until I get done and then you can feel sorry for me!

On Friday, I was cooking supper. Stephen walked into the kitchen, opened the cabinet door and the SHELF BROKE!!! All my bowls came crashing down right out of the cabinet onto the floor! CRASH! SLAM! (imagine the sound of breaking ceramics and you will know what this sound I am describing)

See my little crying icon? That is exactly how I felt after Friday afternoon.

I had to go wash clothes today at the laundry mat. I have a tore apart washer sitting in my kitchen and a trash can full of broken bowls and plates.

BUT, I feel peaceful. Regardless of all this chaos going on around me I feel the Lord's peace through this all. Pray that a washing machine will come available soon....

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