Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can I Just Be Real For A Moment?

This week has been a real eye opener for me as to what can happen when we let our guards down. You know the guard I'm talking about. The one that keeps us from doing things that we are not supposed to do.

I failed at that this week. Horribly. With thoughts running through my mind, to things I have been watching on TV. I think that God allowed me to see this clearly today so that I could see that I am not as Spiritual as I believe that I am.

The thing is, is that I thought I had it all together. My reasonings were this:

"We have been serving the Lord for 10 years now. I know enough to know what I am doing."

"I read every day. There is NO way that I can let God down."

"We homeschool our kids. We got it ALL together."

Can I just tell you that if you have ever told yourself any of things that you are lieing to yourself? God has told us time and time again to watch out for the devourer. When we allow our guard to fall, for just that little bit, that is when he comes in for the kill.

That is what happened to me this week. My spirit is literally sick within me. I am disappointed in myself, for choices that I have made, regarding things like TV, thoughts, speech toward my family and friends alot more than I think God is disappointed in me.

Today I challenge to you to NOT let your guard down. Just because you go to church every day, read your Bible, and have Christian friends, this does not make you exempt from the enemies attacks. In fact, you are more susceptible to them as a Christian.

I can tell you that my sweet Savior has restored me to completion, but not before I confessed it as sin to Him and renounced it. It's nice to be back in fellowship with God once again.

Watch out for your past. People will come who will try to lure you back into your old lifestyle by being nice at first. DON'T fall for it! Tell them to HIT the road. That is what I did. You can too! BUT in order to see it coming, you have to.......


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