Friday, April 3, 2009

Finer Things Fridays: Work is not an Ugly 4-Letter Word

This week our 14 year old son got his very first job ever mowing our neighbor's yard. Some think he may be too young to be working, but my husband and I think that when they begin asking how they can work to earn their own money, then it's the time to start teaching them.

Teaching our kids what the Bible says about work is important. My husband tells our children all the time, "If a man won't work, a man won't eat". We have talked to them about being lazy and how when we do work, we work as unto the Lord.

Our children learn to work by the work ethic they see in us. If we tend to be lazy, we teach our children to be lazy. If we show our children that we work by the sweat of our brow, then they learn to have a great work ethic.

The finer thing in this whole situation is that our son is going to grow up and have a great work ethic, not like some of the teens in today's society.


Meg said...

That is a wonderful thing... but I have to admit, I laughed when I read "Some think he may be too young to be working". My sister and I were both doing odd jobs at much younger (6 and 8) to make money for the things we wanted. I guess you can never be too young! :)

Amy @ Finer Things said...

It certainly is a fine thing to raise hardworking kiddos. I saw too many "gimmes" when I was teaching sixth graders. :(

Thanks for linking up!