Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Mind Is Numb

This time of year it is SO hard to get myself into the habit of doing school. I was hoping that a week off to enjoy the sun and laughter of Spring would help, but that kind of made it worse!

We are just about finished with our Math books, Science books, History and such. I read on someone's blog yesterday that they completely finish all bookwork in 8 days and will begin all their outside schooling, such as cool field trips, gardening, nature study, etc. I rolled that around in my head all day yesterday and you know what? I kinda like the idea of that. You're still learning, but in a different aspect.

I think that is one reason why I love Charlotte Mason's way of teaching so much. She loves to get the kids outside to learn more. There is so much that my kids can learn just from being outside!

In fact, we are going to the library today to get some books on gardening. We are going to be tilling up our ground hopefully today in order to get our garden planted. I can't wait. I am so excited! Some of our homeschool friends have said that I should go small with my first garden, but I am such an extremist! I either do it "all the way", or not at all! We'll see what happens!

How do you get this time of year about school? Do you get the "Spring Fever"? Do the books get pushed aside for some much needed learning?

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