Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Latest Handicraft

I know I haven't posted anything about school in a while, simply because during the Winter, our family does a lot of hibernating.

Spring has finally sprung and that has put us back into the joy of wanting to be outside studying nature. Kayla decided last week that she wanted to build a birdhouse...from scratch. In my mind I was like, "yeah whatever little girl." I can tell that she has her daddy's head for numbers and seeing things visually.

Kayla talked with her dad and explained that she wanted to build a birdhouse. He told her she needed to draw her plans up in 3-D on the paper so he could see how she was talking about building it. Here are her plans:
Yes people, that is HER drawing, her measurements, with the exception of the two on the left side about what size boards to use. Robert and I decided to stay out of this project and just let this be a daddy-daughter project. They had the best time building it.
The other girl in the picture is Kayla's friend from our neighborhood. Kayla s checking out what they have gotten done so far to make sure it is up to her specifications.
She was just beside herself that she herself came up with the design. I was VERY impressed myself on how she made it. Next came the painting. She decided to let her friend help as well:
The new birdhouse sits snuggled nicely in our tree awaiting the arrival of robins, blue jays, or cardinals to take up residence in the Sikora Motel. Kayla said she hopes the squirrels decide to move on and leave it alone!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I just love this post. What a super dad who took the time to enrich his little girls life.

I love the title of your blog. I am doing the Esther study by Beth Moore and just love it.

Stop by my blog sometime. I pray you will be ministered to.

In Him,

Momma Snail said...

This is beautiful!

Relishing Life said...

How cool!! That is great that she even drew up the blueprints!! I hope you saved them! I can't even imagine how proud your are of her as well as how proud she is of herself!! Great job!