Friday, May 29, 2009

The Crafter is At It Again

This past week while the boys were fishing, Kayla and I got her craft basket down and began working on a pillow craft that she received in the mail about two months ago.

She had a great time putting this together. At first she kept saying, "It's not going to look right." I kept telling her to persevere and that is exactly what she did.

She loves to craft. She is in the mindset that she and I both are going to learn to knit and crochet both. She is absolutely crazy! But I agree with her. I love all things that allow me to do things with my hands!

After making her pillow she was so proud of her work! It only took us about an hour to do.

After all was said and done, this is her beautiful pillow! I love doing crafts with her. This is always a highlight! Our next craft is a doll kit that we purchased from a friend. This is my Finer Thing for today!
Here are the directions from the pamphlet on how to make this adorable little pillow.
2 pieces of fabric the size of a fat quarter or bigger
a circle made from paper that is almost the size of your fabric
safety pins
yarn that matches your fabric
fiber fill for pillow
  1. Take fabric and lay each piece flat. Safety pin your circle pattern onto fabric piece and cut out. Repeat with second piece of fabric
  2. Take circle pattern and fold in half. Fold in half again. Fold it for a total of five times until you have 32 sections on your circle pattern.
  3. Take your pencil and a ruler and trace down each line about 2 inches. You should have 32 sections when you are done.
  4. Lay your fabric one piece on top of the other piece. PLace your circle pattern on top of the fabric. Safety pin together. Take your scissors and cut down each pencil line (through pattern and fabric)
  5. Remove pattern but leave safety pins.
  6. Take yarn and make 5 inch pieces ( you will need 32). Tie together each set of strips from where you cut leaving 5 untied for the time being (just until after stuffing)
  7. Stuff your pillow to your desired level.
  8. Tie the other five off.
  9. Your pillow is complete!

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