Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gardening Update

It started out as a school project back in early March. We were learning about seedlings. We purchased $1.00 worth of different seed packs from Wal-Mart and started to plant them in little cups. In a few days we got to see them sprout and begin to grow.

When it was time to plant them, we learned what it meant to till the ground. This was excruciatingly hard work, but we got in there and got it done!

Before long, it was time to plant our plants outside. We were excited and couldn't wait to see what would happen! We estimated how long it would take them to begin growing, to begin flowering, and to begin to reproduce and make vegetables!

For about a month or so, our plants began to really start putting out those green lovely tomatoes!

My pepper plants and marigolds finally began producing and we waited as each plant's bounty got big enough that we could pluck them off and use them.

My roma tomatoes are really creating a huge bounty! This is the sixth bowl I have gotten so far in the last two weeks.

As you can see my peppers are coming in nicely as well. And my favorite tomato of all time, my Better Boys are coming in as well. This is the fourth crop of these that I have gotten!

All in all, I would say that my children got an "A" on growing a plant from seedling to produce wouldn't you? The neatest thing about this is that my garden bounty only cost me $1.00 and a little hard work! How awesome is that??

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