Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Out of the Box Publishing: 10 Days In Africa Board Game

I have had the awesome privilege of reviewing the game, 10 Days in Africa, from Out of the Box Publishing. Since we are studying geography this year, I thought this would be a wonderful game for my children to play.

I have learned so much about Africa from playing this game. Each country has its very own tile with information about that country on it. The board itself is awesome. It is a huge replica of Africa.

Inside the game, once you begin playing, you must chart your course across Africa. You can travel by boat, car, plane, or on foot. In order to win, you must complete a 10 day journey through Africa!

I have decided that as we study other countries and continents, we will most likely get the other games that correspond with that area which we are studying!

Who knew that studying geography could be so fun! Thanks Out of the Box for sending me this game! My kids LOVE it!!

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