Monday, August 31, 2009

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

Over the past few weeks at church, my pastor has been talking about our spiritual gifts. Yesterday we took an inventory to find out exactly what those gifts are.

I was really excited, because I did not find out anything new, but I did get confirmation that I am heading in the right direction of where God wants me to go spiritually. I found out that my strongest spiritual gift is writing. I was really excited to see that one because I KNOW I am supposed to write. I have known that since the day I gave my heart to the Lord, but to get a real confirmation that this is one of my spiritual gifts was such a blessing to me.

I also got confirmation that singing for the Lord is another of my gifts. I have always said that I cannot sing very well, but when I do, I always have people come and tell me how the song ministered to them in a way that no other words could. I usually sing during prison ministry with my husband. I love to sing for God!

And then, the survey said I have the gift of leadership. I am one of those people who knows how to formulate an ending solution to a problem. I can see it, visualize it, and then make it happen. That is just who I am whether I want to be or not.

Have you ever taken spiritual inventory of your gifts? There are many tests and places on the Internet that you can do this to find out for sure what your gift is. You don't ever want to be in a position where you are working for the Lord, that you were never intended to be. For one, you are doing something outside of God's will, and two, you are taking someone's spot that has that gift to do that particular thing.

I am so excited that my pastor decided to teach on this subject. Take the time to start searching for your gifts. It will help you to head in the direction that God wants you to go.

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Jane In The Jungle said...

Wow I would love to get a copy of that survey. Do you know where he got it from? I know one of my gifts is teaching but I have no clue on the rest.