Monday, October 19, 2009

My Heart Can’t Take It

What happened here?

Those sweet innocent kids

They are just growing so fast. Right before my very eyes.

Where did the time go? I cannot believe how mature they have become in the last three years.

It is just unreal. But I think I like this new venture as a mom. Instead of wiping butts and noses, I now have become a confidant, a friend, someone they can turn to when they need advice on day to day activities in their lives.

I think I am ready Lord. I hope I am ready. Thank you for trusting me and Stephen with these two special gifts from you. Help us to continue to cultivate this new relationship with our teens.

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Lisa @ akawest said...

Whenever I think about how I am now the mom of an adult child (22), and one very close (17), I am reminded of my grandma telling me how she worried about her kids. They were in their sixties and seventies at the time! They do grow up fast!!!