Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Visit to Canada and an End to North America Study

Our study of Canada did not go as smoothly as the study of Mexico, simply because we have all been sick. What little we did get done was really neat though. The kids made Inuit carvings out of soap.



We were going to have a Canadian feast, but I came down with a horrible cold, and then Stephen came down with a horrible cold, and now Robert is sick, so this will have to do! LOL

All in all though, the kids learned quite a bit about Canada. Kayla is reading Anne of Green Gables right now and she found out that Canada is the backdrop of where that book originated.



Next week we are off to Brazil and the rain forest! I am really excited because are going to spend three weeks studying this country!

I have really enjoyed our study on North America as much as the kids. We have really learned a lot and I am surprised at how much the kids remember about the different countries of North America. My Father’s World has been the best fit for us so far!

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