Friday, October 30, 2009

When Snakes Attack

We are finishing up our study on South America, Brazil, and the rainforest this week. Our final craft was to construct an anaconda.


We used an old sheet, some wire, and markers to decorate with. The wire is put in the center of the sheet and rolled up, that way you can put it into different shapes.004

We also wired the outside so that it would stay together better. Then we wrangled our snake onto the bed so that he could get decorated.



After decorating our anaconda, we decided to take some photos and act silly with our long snake!011

Look at what we caught!012

It’s got me! Help!


I got it Kayla! Help me kill it!014

It’s biting my face! Get it off!015

Great! Now what do we do??

Hope you enjoyed our funny post!


Eleanor said...

looks like fun - and your blog template and photos are beautiful!


Samantha said...

How funny and how cute !!