Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learning About Missionaries

Since we are using My Father’s World this year, and we are studying about Countries and Cultures, we are also reading about different missionaries.

Our first book was about Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe Bible College for translators. It was his knowledge that has changed so many new testaments into languages for Indian tribes and other countries in South America and Mexico.

Now we are reading about Nate Saint. His name may sound familiar to you. He was the pilot of the plane that flew in to help the Auca Indians learn a new language and way of living. His companions were other men and women, along with Jim Elliott. These men were savagely murdered by the Aucas.

Yesterday we talked in depth about the planes that they used and we even got to build our own.002 001

In reading this missionary series, I have learned so much about the sacrifices that they go through in order to bring Jesus to other parts of the country that no one else wants to visit. It is important for all the world to hear to about the love of the Savior.

To end our study on Nate Saint, we are going to watch The End of the Spear which is the movie that was made about this man and his little yellow MAF plane. You can read more about him here from the MAF website.


I love homeschooling!

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Robin said...

I found your blog from A Heart of the Matter article you wrote on keeping a clean home. I enjoyed your aritcle and have enjoyed reading on your blog. We are using some of the resources from MFW ECC this year along with Winterpromise Children Around the World to do a geography and cultures focus. We are enjoying it also and we love the missionary stories. Thanks for sharing your experience.