Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Review: Redefining Beautiful

I just finished reading this book, Redefining Beautiful by Jenna Lucado.  This book is a great book for young teenage girls who are dealing with self esteem issues.

I enjoyed reading it simply because I struggle with a lot of those issues myself. I tend to navigate to the way people think about me. This book helped me to see some things about myself that I just had been refusing to admit to.

Here is the book description:
Not feeling very beautiful? Learn what beauty is from God's perspective.
Revolve speaker Jenna Lucado has teamed up with her dad, Max Lucado, to bring girls a fresh perspective on what they need to live a life of peace, joy, and confidence. What does God see when He looks at them? And how does a girl catch that vision?
Jenna reveals life accessories that are essential, and which single accessory is a real must-have to give teens a look they love—a look that says they are comfortable with who they are and secure and confident. What’s the all-important accessory? Love from a father. But what happens when there is no loving father in sight, no daddy to tell them they are beautiful?
Through conversational “girl time” Jenna reveals that when we look to God as our Father, He can change our focus, our look, and our lives. With affirmation from Max, Redefining Beautiful will change the way girls look at God, themselves, and the people around them.

You can find this book for sale at Amazon.

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