Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taking the Boat Out

We took a field trip the other day down to the lake to test the boat out to see if she would run or not.003

We were quite surprised that it started, but we are pretty sure the carburator needs some work done to it because it wouldn’t stay started.


I was quite excited to see it on the water! I cannot wait until we get it running though because Stephen has promised me that I would be the first one to go fishing with him in his boat. I love our dates to the lake!


My husband is a true fisherman at heart. He always has been. I guess that is what hooked me (LOL). Now he is looking for us a deal on a camper so that by Spring we will be ready to spend some time at the lake in extended periods!011

Hopefully the next update on the boat will either be new carpet or a running motor!

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