Monday, October 26, 2009

Look at What I Got In the Mail

On Saturday, I received a package from my swap sister Tracy! 001

She sent me all kinds of goodies! I got a candle, star dish, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, a pen, correction tape which I just ran out so was very much needed, and the cutest little charm which is now attached to my key ring!

You can find Tracy at Lighthouse Academy where she blogs about their life and homeschooling. Something that Tracy and I have in common is our dogs. She has a girl Corgi named Daisy, and I have a boy Corgi named Ruffles. I showed him Daisy’s picture and I think he is in love!

You can join in the swap each time by signing up at HSBA. Now I need to go mail my package! It’s on the way Tracy!

Thanks for all my goodies!


Tracy said...

Your welcome! Glad it arrived safe.

julie said...

Just saw your coupon book you sent Tracy. LOVE IT. Where did it come from? I want to be a swap buddy too? Can three play the game??

Tracy said...
Got it thanks!