Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crescent Rolls

I happened upon this website when I was looking for a crescent roll recipe and I have already fallen in love!

The recipe at first threw me because they call them butterhorn rolls, but they are made the exact same way as crescent rolls. My daughter says that they taste better than crescent rolls.

This was the first batch. I had to make another batch just like this, so I wound up with 44 crescent rolls. I followed their recipe, which you can find HERE.
After making them, I went ahead and cooked them all in the oven. I let them cool and then I put them in a large freezer bag so that I could freeze them. Then when I need some for dinner, I pop out what I need, let them thaw, and then warm them in the oven.
Kayla has even been caught getting one down and warming it in the microwave when she wants a little bread taste!
This is a great money-saving tip. Making your own bread from biscuits, rolls, and now loaves of bread will save money in the long run and it winds up being so much better for you!


Wendi said...

Wow these are beautiful!! Love that site too!:)

Lisa @ akawest said...

Oh, those do look yummy!