Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Fun

Our family does not celebrate Halloween like most people. We don’t pass out candy, we don’t go trick or treating, or any of that regular stuff. Wanna know what we do? We go bowling!


We go to a bowling alley in Clarksville, Tennessee and spend the night bowling our heads off. While Robert was taking his turn, Kayla sat waiting, so I snapped her picture.002

Then Robert broke the lane we were on! His ball got stuck in the return and we kept waiting for it to come back up.004 005

The guy even worked on it for a minute. While he worked on it, I decided to make this a photo opp and grab my hubby and snap a photo together.


And then he announced…your lane is broken!


Ya think? Anyway, after we switched lanes it was game on! First up was Robert. I think he hit two pins the first time.008

Then it was my turn. I will just tell you that I STINK at bowling! I got a gutter ball BOTH throws.011

And then here comes Kayla Jasmine! That little girl can bowl I tell ya! It took her a few tries, but she was the only one to get a spare!


After doing some bowling, we decided to go play some pool and air hockey in the back room. My husband is a natural born pool player. Me…not so much!



Then the kids had a bright idea. They decided to take on their dad playing pool. It was a no-win situation! He is ruthless I tell ya!030

We had a great time this night. After spending about three hours at the bowling alley, we went out to eat at Chili’s and as always, the food was delicious! I am so glad that we love to spend time together!

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Gina Stinson said...

Looks like you guys had a great time spending time together! What a memory moment for you all!