Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Smallest Blessings Are The Best Blessings

This past week we have been working on our blessing tree. Each year for Thanksgiving, we put together a tree and fill it full of leaves of things we are thankful for.


By the time we get done, we wind up with a lovely tree full of leaves—thankful of the many blessings that have gone on during our year.

The cool thing is that these blessings are not the big things that matter to the kids, but the small things, like “playing with my sister”, “spending time with my family”, “daddy’s new job”. I am so very thankful that my children notice the little things more than the apparent big things that go on.

So what are you doing to remember the things that mean the most?

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Gina Stinson said...

Really great idea...think I'll do this on my fridge for the it!