Sunday, November 15, 2009

Social Media Addict On the Loose

I will be the first to admit that I am a social media addict. Facebook is my long lost friend. How about you?

The Lord kind of gave me a spanking today regarding how much time I spend on Facebook. Meals have gone unfixed, clothes have remained in the hamper, and to be honest, my bottom end hurts from staying plastered on the couch for so long.

I am taking a week long break from Facebook and I am not sure that I will allow myself to get back on there much after my break. It is causing serious issues with me not getting things done that I need to, like writing, working, blogging, and taking care of my family.

How do you handle the social media aspects? I hate that I spend so much time on the computer, yet I am sad to even think of getting rid of my account (I have worked hard getting my fish tank, farm, and cafe to where it is now) LOL.

Pray for me as I detox myself from Facebook for a while and get back to loving my family like Jesus :)


zekesmom10 said...

I am right there with you. And I don't even play the virtual games! Between facebook and splitcoast stampers and the Pioneer woman and oh my, you name it! I want God to give me strength, but please don't take away my computer! My time limit for this morning is up. I have to go now!

Nancy said...

I'll pray for you. I hope you enjoy your FB free week and rest in God's new mercies every morning. Your family knows that you love them. You're a great mom and wife with a very tender heart and ears that hear the Lord. Hang in there!

Lisa @ akawest said...

I am also on Facebook often. I did find that when I didn't have Internet access when we first moved, that I stopped missing it after a bit. If you go cold turkey with something, you will find you are fine.

Eleanor Joyce said...

Jen,I can hardly believe it! I made the same decision last night. No FB for me for a week. Then I come here tonight and you're doing the same thing. Let's hold each other accountable!