Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday, I took the kids to the Dollar Tree to do our annual Operation Christmas Child shopping. 001

I like using the Dollar Tree because I can get more for my money and the boxes get loaded down! The kids are always excited when it comes to putting these boxes together because they realize how easy they have it here, and how hard some kids have it in other parts of the country.

We purchased lots of needed items like soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, combs, and toothpaste.002


And then we purchased them some cuddly things like stuffed animals, crayons, pencils, notebooks, and a special candy treat. After leaving the store, I got the kids to pose with their bags so I could snap one more photo!005

After arriving home, we placed all our goodies on the table so that they could be separated evenly among the two boxes.


Then the kids set out to “assemble” their boxes. We got so much stuff this time, it took several tries to get it all in!



Putting together a shoe box is such fun. But do you want to know what’s more fun than putting one together? Going to work in one of the warehouse where the shoeboxes are delivered before they are shipped all over the country! Stephen and I got to be involved a couple of years ago in the warehouse that is stationed near Atlanta, Georgia. It was a life changing experience for me.OCC1


No, Stephen is not asleep—hee hee. He just happened to close his eyes at the same time the photo was being snapped.

At the warehouse, you get to go through the boxes and remove harmful items, pack up the boxes, pray over them, love the boxes. It is just an awesome experience.

Operation Christmas Child always needs help and there are lots of warehouses all over the United States. You can go here to find out more information about how you an volunteer to help in the processing centers.


Christy said...

found you through another blog i stumbled upon. My cousin and I just had a little party to collect boxes for OCC. It was our first year, but we are going to do it again and again. What a great charity. I haven't done my post yet for the party--i have to sort out the photos...but i did do a post on what our "party favor" would be.
Happy Holidays

Kela said...

Our family really enjoy filling boxes and helping to load the truck. I've become great friends with a fellow church member that is over one of the local operations here in Chalotte. She tells me of all of the wonderful opportunities to serve.
In VBS this summer two other women and myself did a Missions emphasis using DVDs and curriculum from Operations Christmas Child. Can't wait for us to fill those boxes.

Another great place to purchase gift items that aren't expensive is Michaels. They have some REALLY COOL stuff in their $1-$5 bins!