Friday, November 20, 2009

Wood and an Old Blankie

What happens when your kids find old pieces of wood, two homemade saw horses, and an old UK blanket? How about this!


What is it? Want to take a closer look inside? Come closer. . .closer. . .


You have a homemade club house..homeschool style!

Then, when your friends show up, you BUST through the door and run for your life!017

And then mom takes a snapshot of the inside because the kids said so! LOL


Honestly, I posted this because it makes my heart proud that even as old as they are, they still love to play and have not outgrown just having fun. Today’s society makes kids grow up so fast and it’s hard on them. I love just letting them be kids for as long as God wants them to.

They have their whole life to grow up and be adults, but you are only kids once—so enjoy it while you can, and that is my Finer Thing for today!

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