Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Uncommon Homeschool Tools

I have been thinking about this post for a few days now. You are going to laugh when I share this one with you simply because these homeschool tools are SO uncommon, however, they actually work.

Lately, I have decided to use game shows on tv to help my kids in certain areas. There are many out there that can help with Bible knowledge, spelling, math, problem solving. I know call me crazy, but we LOVE game shows around here. So why not make it educational?

Here are the shows that we use to teach with:

Bible: Virtual Memory on TBN: Virtual Memory is TBN’s top rated Bible trivia game show for teen-agers 13 through 18 years. It comes on JCTV 3 times a week. This show is a great brain teaser for questions about the Bible.

Math: For Math, we love The Price Is Right. You have to estimate, problem solve, add, subtract, multiply, divide.  My son, who struggles with Math can pretty much figure percents and such just by watching this show.

History: For History, we love Cash Cab. This show is put on by the Discovery Channel. We have learned alot about history just by trying our hardest to answer questions that they pose to the guests on here.

Spelling: My favorite game show of all time is Wheel of Fortune! You have to be a really good speller and have good problem solving skills to beat me! Robert is getting REALLY good and is almost at the point he and I fight over who can solve the puzzle the fastest! Kayla is really picking up her spelling skills thanks to this game show.

Science: I love Alton Brown and his show Good Eats. His knowledge of the Science and history behind food amaze me! The kids and I watch his show sometimes and we learn alot about chemicals and mixing certain things together to achieve a desired result.

I haven't really found one for English yet, but I am sure if I look hard enough I could find one! What kind of unusual homeschool tools do you use?

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