Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When You Know Its Time

I have been struggling with my weight loss now for about six years. I have tried every diet out there and in the end I wind up gaining all the weight back I lost.

But just this past week, I have felt a turning in my spirit. It's not one like I have ever felt before. I know the Lord is doing something to me in this area. It's wild--the feeling you get when God is removing things from you. I just cannot explain how that feels.

I am getting the urge to want to exercise, which for me, is a HUGE thing, because I do not like to exercise. I find myself staring at junk food thinking--UGH--do I really want to put that in my mouth? Soda no longer tastes good to me.

I am liking this new me that God is doing a work in. The neat thing about all of this is that this change in my lifestyle is not coming about because I am wanting to change, but it is coming about because God says it is time to change. I am giving it all to Him and allowing Him to change me and my eating habits.

Time has come to lay aside the snacks and couch potato mentality. The time has come to allow myself to be transformed--my mind, my body, and my thinking. God is totally in control of this weight loss journey and I know He will do a mighty work in me when it is all said and done.


Beth Rider said...

I hear you on the weight loss issue. I think you are wise to surrender it to God. This has been happening to me as well. At 39 years old I started karate (with my teenagers). Ha! What a ride! It's been a few years now and I have found that being in a sport helps me tremendously. It didn't take off all the weight, but it did get me in better shape. This is a turn I didn't expect from God. It all started with a prayer for God to help me want to get in shape. God's blessing to you on your new journey!

Shannon @ Living Life at Home said...

Jennifer, I'm totally with you! I'm keeping accountable to my goals at and look forward to watching your weight loss journey here on your blog. I know that with God's help we can be fit and healthy!