Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Review: The Gospel According To Lost

If you love the show Lost, then you will definitely want to check this book out. I have never watched the show at all to be honest with you, but I found this book pretty interesting. The author of this book takes actors from the show, scenarios that happen and puts a spin on them using the Gospel.

Reviewer's Guide

An epic journey into the deepest mysteries of faith.
Lost is NOT just a television show. It has become larger than that—a massive story filled with mystery that has garnered over twenty million participants. Some might call them viewers, but one does not just watch Lost, one participates in it. It demands that you dialogue with the story, seeking theories and comparing yourself to characters. Lost breaks all the formulas for television, and in doing so has drawn together millions of people on a shared journey that explores life, faith, history, science, philosophy, hope, and the basic questions of what it means to be human. It is the seemingly infinite ideas, philosophies, and biblical metaphors that make this story so engaging.
Chris Seay's fascinating book explores each of these elements in a spinning analysis of faith and metaphor that will attract a multitude of readers who desire to go even deeper into the journey.

I am really glad that I got to check this book out. If you would like to get a copy, hop on over to Amazon and get your copy today!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson as a complimentary review copy. The opinions stated above are my own.

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