Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Healthy in 2010

Now more than ever I have decided that my lifestyle has got to change. I look at many of my family members and friends and think to myself, I don't want to be on medicine my whole life. I want to be healthy for myself and for my kids.

So far, I have been working out every morning which has really made me feel great. I have upped my water intake to 8 glasses a day and going for ten shortly. I am now in the process of switching my flour usage over to wheat flour. The kids really like the taste of the homemade things I make using wheat flour, so I know it is time to switch to a healthier flour.

I have so many goals for myself in 2010 regarding my health, and one of them I have already kicked and I did so in 2009 and that was my soda consumption! I no longer drink sodas or tea anymore--just water. And to be honest with you, I don't miss it at all! That small step has made me fee much better.

My next goal is to get outside more and get lots of sunshine. I know that it is good for the soul and the mood and I am most definitely in the need of that right now!

How about you? What healthy lifestyle goals have you set for yourself this year?


Nocona said...

Have you seen the book Eating Clean Diet by Tosca Rina. It is really good. Not a diet but an eating healthy life style.

Shan Walker said...

THANK YOU for letting me know about this website. I have been in such despair about my weight gain and how it's affected my life. I wanted to join weight watchers online but couldn't afford right now.
I started Sparkpeople Monday and I am hooked too. I am seeing how my calories stack up so quickly! I now have HOPE! Are you doing well with it? Maybe we can become friends on there!!