Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking Ahead For 2010

The kids and I had a talk about what they want to accomplish for their homeschool education and they basically both told me they like self-learning and being independent with their studies.

My heart as a mother is happy to hear that and I believe that all along God has been preparing them for that. They are both great kids and do very well teaching themselves. They have been doing it since we started back school after Christmas break.

They both have seen several different types of curriculum and the one that seems to stand out to both of them that they really like is A.C.E. School of Tomorrow. They both want to continue with Math-U-See because they love it and it is self taught with supervision from me if needed.

We haven't narrowed all of our subjects and electives down yet, but I have a few months before all those decisions are made. I am just glad that we have this one made now.

I know that this is a push from God. With the kids more independent of their work, then I have more time to write and get my book done! God rocks the way He works things out for His children.

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Hannah Braboy said...

I love the self-teaching method! It is one of my absolute favorite ways to learn.