Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

I love those little dollar burritos from McDonald’s but if you buy a bunch like we do, it can get pretty expensive. That is why I started making my own from home and they are so much better for you!033
Here is what you need to make a batch of 12 breakfast burritos!
1 dozen eggs (got mine for .49 at Aldi’s)
1 pack of bacon (Aldi’s $1.99)
1 block of cheddar cheese ($1.29)
1 pack of tortilla shells (.99)
Shredded Hashbrowns ($1.19)

Fry your bacon as you normally would. Once it is done, remove from the pan and clean it out. After bacon has cooled, crumble it up. You can reserve your grease to make gravy on another morning.

Shred your block of cheese. I like the block cheese better than the packaged pre shredded because the pre-shredded has plastic in it to keep the cheese from sticking.

Fry hashbrowns in pan according to package directions and then set them aside.

Mix all the eggs from the dozen into a bowl and scramble them in the pan. Once the eggs begin to come together, add the cheese, bacon, and hashbrowns and mix all together.

Heat your tortilla shells. I do mine in the microwave for about 20 seconds per tortilla. Do them one at a time or you will have a huge ball of goo.

Put a heaping spoonful of egg mixture on burrito and then roll up. Serve with salsa!


If you were to buy 12 burritos from McDonald’s, you would spend almost $13! Make your own at home and you will only spend around $6! How cool is that??


Karen said...

I made these this week and they are delicious! In fact, I'm eating one right now! I actually left out the hash browns but I know they would be really good with them as well.

I made a whole batch and then we froze the ones we didn't eat for breakfast that morning. Now we just pop one in the toaster oven and after a little bit of baking, we have a wonderful breakfast!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Deb said... have officially ruined me on packaged shredded cheese....BUT I AM going to give these burritos a try!--sounds delish!!