Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Dare Update

I have now being doing the Love Dare for a few days. I am on Day 4. I have learned so many things about myself that truly I did not want to face up to.
The first day, the book talks about patience. I realized after reading this day, that I do not have much patience with my husband. The thing that I realized more than that is that I have patience with everyone but my husband… OUCH! He deserves patience more than anyone else.
The second day deals with kindness. I have always thought of myself as being kind. . . until I realized my motives behind my kindness. I am kind to others simply because I am kind, but I found out right quick that my kindness with my husband is met with conditions. I will be kind if he does what I want. Needless to say, I have work in this area as well.
Day three deals with selfishness. I have been dealing with this issue since we became Christians ten years ago. Selfishness can creep in and you not even realize it. I had gotten to the point that I wanted everything my way. I was doing it so much, I did not even realize how selfish I have been.
Today’s dare deals with thoughtfulness. Since I am on day four, I found this one to be a little bit easier to swallow than the rest. Being thoughtful to your man is more than just being there. Do things for them that require nothing on their part. You will realize what a blessing it is to them and to you.
The funny thing is this: I really did not think I needed this book. I have said for a while now that my marriage is fine, but here is the thing: our marriages can always use mentoring and refreshment from others. When you get to the point that you say  "We are fine, we don’t need any help”, that is when you need the most help.
I am really looking forward to finishing this book. It is refreshing to be putting my husband back into his proper place in my priorities instead of being the low man on the totem pole.
Marriage thought for the day: Give 100% of yourself and expect nothing in return.

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Gina Stinson said...

Wow! Thanks for being so honest! Not many of us are that transparent, but it sure helps us who read your blog, to know we are all struggling and working on these same issues. Thanks for sharing what you are learning...and you're so right....Real love doesn't expect anything in return. I appreciate the reminder!