Monday, February 22, 2010

Crocheting and Teaching Yourself

A while back you may remember me telling you that Kayla and I were learning to crochet. Our homeschool friends came over and we had a big party and laughed and learned a little bit together. I really only learned one stitch, but I wanted to really learn how to crochet so I started looking on YouTube and I found the perfect videos to help teach you how to crochet--without spending one dime on books!

This video on double stitch crocheting rocks! The Knit Witch Double Crochet

After I learned the stitch (in like two minutes), I finished this wonderful project in two weeks(the baby blanket for Kayla's dolly):

Kayla wanted to make a hat for her baby doll. She sat down and taught herself just by envisioning what a circle looks like this adorable doll hat!

Never be afraid to try something. You will be surprised at your ability when you allow yourself to try!


WalkingwithHIM said...

That is just tooooooo precious!!!

Cracked Pot said...

Hey, I meant to post this the other day when your daughter was asking about patterns for crocheting but here is a website I found with free patterns for all kinds of things in all kinds of areas. Hope you can use it.