Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Momma's Best Blessing

I am just amazed at how God loves us. I mean, you hear all the time "God loves you", but to really and truly experience--there is no other feeling like it in the whole world.

On Sunday, we had our first performance of Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames. The few days before that, my household was in chaos--Stephen and I had been fighting horribly, the kids were at each others' throats, I couldn't get anything done. I mean it was completely frustrating! I am convinced that when something awesome is going to go down for the Kingdom of God, Satan tries his hardest to disrupt your life totally!

Friday evening was setup night for the drama. I love how the directors give us time to reflect on our lives and to seek God earnestly before we participate in any kind of way. I spent a great deal of time pouring out my heart to God and rededicating myself to Him in every way. By Saturday, the burdens of the few days before had all but vanished, and in its place was the peace that I have been missing.

Sunday before the performance we were praying for the show and those that would be watching it. Along with the other cast members and myself we prayed and prayed. My prayer was for my daughter to finally accept Jesus into her heart. We went through the performance and everything turned out wonderful! The altar was flooded that night with people giving their lives to Christ and rededicating themselves to Him. My daughter was not in the mix. I was okay with that because I knew in God's time she would come to know Him.

God has a wonderful sense of humor. Just when you least expect Him to do something, He shows up and shows out! That night at 10:30 as we were getting ready to go to bed, Kayla came into my bedroom and told me she wanted to ask Jesus to come and live in her heart. I WAS LITERALLY STUNNED! After the initial shock wore off, me, my husband, and my son gathered around her as we prayed with her and led her to the Lord. It was such a blessing.

Later as I reflected on that moment, I realized that God loves me SO much that He heard my puny plea for my daughter's salvation. God's word is SO true when it says He hears the cry of the righteous. God humbled me again in that moment with His ability to love me unconditionally regardless of how I have turned from Him in the past and how I have ignored Him. He still loves me and when I am in right standing with Him, blessings are going to come my way.

I told my friends the other night that if I never get another blessing from God, my world is complete because my whole family will be in Heaven one day. I take joy in knowing that God has redeemed my family, He is our Heavenly Father and as long as I have breath in my body, I will praise Him for His mighty works. Even when things are not so good in my life, He will still continue to get my praise. I will still love and serve Him.

God is truly wonderful. If you are not serving Him or praising Him--you should be. He died for YOU just like He died for ME. :)

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