Monday, June 21, 2010

A Drip and a Drop

Does this cartoon sound familiar? Too many times as wives, we find ourselves telling our husbands all the things that they do wrong. I find myself doing the same thing many times. In fact. . .

Just the other night Stephen and I were having a conversation and I was sharing with him and the first words out of my mouth were "you always. . . ". This was the first time that I actually caught what I was saying and redirected my conversation to say "some of the time".

It is important that we do not belittle our husbands in any way. The Bible tells us that it is better to live on the corner of the rooftop that with a nagging wife. It even goes to call wives like that as bad a drip from a faucet. You know how annoying that sound can be? Drip. . . .drip. . . drip. . . drip...get the picture??

So let's purpose today to NOT be a drip or a drop, but to be a loving and supportive wife!

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momstheword said...

Awesome post and oh so true. It is so easy to say "You always...." or "you never...!"

I am guilty of that from time to time. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for linking up!

Traci Michele said...

I totally agree! Great post!