Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father's Day Fun

This is our home away from home:

When we are here, all seems right with the world. So when I asked Stephen what he wanted to do for Father's Day, I already knew the answer to that!

Five minutes after being there, this is what he was busy doing:

While Stephen was busy catching the fish the kids and I found a bat laying on the ground.

At first, I thought he was dead, so I picked up a stick and was going to gently turn him over. When I stuck the stick down there, he attacked it! It was SO hot, so Stephen suggested we put him on a stick and do something with him.

After we got him on the stick, Kayla suggested putting him on a tree branch so he could rest and not get completely roasted from the sun.

It felt good to save one of God's creatures. We were all fascinated by his little toes and his adorable face. I know he was grateful for being saved.

At another fishing spot, we found this.

It's some kind of egg sac but not sure what kind. I still have yet to figure that out.

To some people, this kind of Father's Day would seem boring and weird, but it was heaven for us!

What about your Father's Day?


Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day! I'm following back.

The poor bat. It must be sick because bats are nocturnal and usually don't ever come out during the day.

Glad you had a good father's day.

Ally said...

Wait, when you find a bat and it's light out, does that mean it's rabid?? I thought they only came out at night?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now :)