Sunday, June 27, 2010

Learning To BE STILL

God is definitely doing a number on me right now. I am one of those women that has a VERY hard time of just sitting. I want to be busy all the time, but lately, God is asking me to just SIT and soak up His presence. He has pulled me away from friends, family, and church to allow me a time of just learning from Him. For me, this is hard. God made me into an extrovert--someone who NEEDS to be with people, who craves constant fellowship.

I think that God is trying to teach me that it is OKAY to not be constantly busy. That resting is pretty okay with Him. So why does the church try to make someone feel guilty if they decide not to be involved for a while? It just makes no sense. Instead of embracing the fact that you are OBEYING the One True God, they are upset because you are not busy being involved in the ministries going on.

I have no clue why God has me here right now, but I know that when I am done being refined yet again for the millionth time since I gave my life to Him, I will be more apt at being involved wherever He needs me to.

Today, if you are struggling with being still before the Lord, can I say dear sister that IT IS OKAY! God never expects us to be SO busy doing His work that we forget to take time to just be with Him. Rest in His love and presence today.

BE STILL and know that He is God!

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