Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saying Yes To His Dreams

Awhile back I attended the ONE marriage conference and one of the things that was discussed was allowing your husband to dream and not holding him back from those dreams.

For the longest time, my husband has wanted to live here:

Down by the lake. It is his dream. To live close to where he feels at home. And for the longest time, I have always come up with TONS of excuses as to why we couldn't: his mother, my dad, the kids' friends, his business, we have to rent. . . you name it, I came up with.

However, one day, after listening to the marriage conference, God spoke to my heart. In no uncertain terms, God let me know right quick that I had been the one holding him back. I asked God, "But what about Stephen's mom and my dad? Who is gonna watch after them if we move?" Loooooong silence from God, and then ever so quietly, I heard Him whisper--ME child. I have always been the one to care for them. Just go. They will be fine. Trust Me.

That afternoon, when Stephen brought up the subject of moving again to another city (it is only an hour away), I told him that I would love to move with him to the lake area. He got so excited and since that time, that is all the two of us can talk about. We have been looking for housing and a job for him.

Here is the main lesson that I learned--when I get in line with the vision that my husband sees for our family, the burdens and worries that I am carrying seem less. To know that I am a part of my husband's dreams, that I can help make those happen just by being obedient to God is one of  the best feelings in the world.

Today, if your husband has a certain dream and you have been unsure about it, trust your husband's judgement. He would never do anything intentional to hurt your family. Support him and help him make his dream come true.


Traci said...

One of my husband's dreams is to have a summer car.... maybe I should let him dream away, and not poke fun at him (in a fun way) all the time :-) Thanks for linking up ... I did as well. Feel free to add your marriage link over at Ordinary Inspirations too:

Kela said...

I'm glad that God brought you to that place!
God gives men the desire, the need for adventure. There is a lot of dreaming that comes along with that.

I've been more than excited to dream with Brian. It creates a bond between us that no one else has. We are the most together-together during those times.