Monday, June 14, 2010

We've Still Got It!

In the days of old, back in 1991, my life became complete when I met the man who would be my husband.

Every time we would get together, my heart would beat wildly, and all I could think about was "this man is mine". We dated from 1991 until December of 1993 when we got married. It was so funny because he was SO different from any other guy I had dated. All the other ones moved SO fast--kiss on the first date, but not Stephen. Two weeks into our dating, I finally asked him, "What's wrong with you--you haven't even tried to kiss me?" His response is what floored me. He told me. . ."I will kiss you when I get ready and not a moment before that". From that point on, he had me HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER!

Of course, we had a very rough and rocky dating period and an even more rough and rocky marriage. You can read about that in MY TESTIMONY.

For a very long time after we were married, we lost that spark. We almost divorced. But ten years ago, God replaced that spark in our marriage and it has only gotten better.

We love to just spend time sitting in the same room. We snuggle close when we sleep. We talk about things, that to other couples, would seem meaningless.

Lately, our world has been rocked by the recent divorce of some of our close friends. These are people that we thought would always be together. It has just made us that much more aware of how we need to guard our own marriage so that we do not fall into that.

How do we do that?

For us, we make sure that we spend time DAILY together. I put his needs before mine (most of the time) and vice versa. We choose to follow God's plan for marriage and not that of the world.

We love to go on dates together. It may be fishing, dinner out, or just spending a quiet evening at home watching a movie.

I urge you to guard your marriage. Love your man, remember WHY you fell in love and build on that. PLEASE do not let the world tear your marriage apart. Fight for what you believe in.

Join Courtney and the rest of us as we complete our husbands this summer!


Sheri said...

I so agree...remember WHY you fell in love.

Deborah said...

Wow! 1991. I graduated from high school that year. Stop by and read our dating story.

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Homemaker Honey

Traci said...

Beautiful! I love hearing about marriages being restored and renewed! Praise the Lord!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Beautiful post and I am so thankful God has brought you through the rocky years to years of delight! Great photos!
Keep the spark alive!

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

I think the link to your MY Testimony is broken, I can't seem to pull it up and would love to read it as I've enjoyed reading your other posts.