Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will the Real Mr. Weenie Step Forward

You know who Mr. Weenie is, right? (please tell me you know, so that I don't feel like the only adult in the world who loves this mutt)
Okay, I feel better now! A couple of weeks ago, we went to a yard sale and Kayla found a weenie dog outfit. Needless to say it was purchased (.50) and brought home to humiliate put on the dogs.

If you don't know my daughter, she loves to dress up the dogs. Puff was once Mr. Brown, An Egyptian Prince, Santa's Little Helper, campers, the beach bum, and now. . . are you ready for this one?

Ain't he adorable as a hot dog? Now you know that a costume does not come in this house without being tried on Tucker as well.

Tucker was not too fond of the hot dog suit, but Puff LOVES it. He gets all excited when Kayla pulls it out and tries to nip at your hand when you go to take it off of him.

However, I think the hot dog costume looks best on this fella!

I know, he's crazy right? I love my fun filled family!

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Mommy Spirit said...

How adorable! I love this weenie/hot dog costume! Ilove that your family has tried it on for size too. Very cute!