Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Gals

Everytime I tell my personal friends that I work from home for The Old Schoolhouse and Econobusters, I always get the "Huh?" "What's that?" remark.

This past weekend, after two years, I finally got to meet up with some of the lovely ladies that I have worked along side with this year.
These ladies are the Econobusters team (except for Sharra who is the first one on the left. Her and my friend Nancy are taking care of the Schoolhouse Expo). The lady in the blue shirt is Dena Wood, I am the one with the pink Faith shirt, and the lady on the very end is Eleanor Joyce. These ladies will leave you in stitches. I cannot tell you how good it felt to laugh until our sides hurt! Not only did we have great fun, we made some wonderful and exciting decisions for Econobusters for the upcoming year.

Here is the whole clan that was at the Suarez's house. Back row from L-R: Tandy Sue Hogate, Dena Wood, Eleanor Joyce, Sharra Badgley, Nancy Carter, Gena Suarez. From row from L-R: Michelle Eichhorn, ME, Donna Campos (she is my Facebook game partner. We are always competing against each other when we have time).

We spent 4 days together working our tails off. Gena and her family are the most hospitable family I have ever stayed with. They took us all in like we are real family--not just co workers and loved on us and fed us some "oh so good" food!

When it was time to leave, Nancy and I posed in front of the green caterpillar for a quick pic and then off to KY we headed back!

I had a great time getting to spend some time with some gals and just chatting it up, and like they always say. . . What happens at the TOS staff meetings, stays at the TOS staff meetings!


Nancy said...

Great entry! I need to do one too. I'm so glad that you got to come. I think it really helps to connect to our virtual coworkers. :O)

Dena said...

Hey! Cute bags! lol