Thursday, August 5, 2010

Organizing Your Online Time

My daughter said something yesterday that really shook me to my bones. She made a comment about how much time I am online. WOW! I realized at that moment, that I do spend a lot of time on the Internet--most of it is just being nosy about what everyone is doing.

It just kind of hit me hard yesterday and  I have finally realized that I might have a slight addiction to being on the computer. Yes--I do work from home and have to be on the computer for that, but past that point I have to ask myself this question--Do I really need to spend all that extra time on the computer?

The answer is NO. My family definitely takes priority over that time, so I have found I need to organize my online time. Have you ever done that?

Here is the solutions that I came up with

~Early morning is great for me. They are still sleeping and I can get much of my work done during this time period.

~Independent study time is a great time to be on here. They are busy working and I can be too.

~When they are outside playing and before my husband gets home.

Past these times, I am going to do my best to limit my computer time. Once my husband gets home and we settle in for the evening, I am going to work on staying off the computer during this time.

What about you? What are some ways that you limit computer time?

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Blossom said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm not usually being 'nosy' about what others are doing- really, I'm not, and right now, I'm just 'listening' to what you have to say :)- but trying to find resources for homeschool or just life in general. I can get caught on rabbit trails though...that happens way too much!
I would like to say that I 'limit my internet time by doing school' but that's just a little fib I tell myself to feel
Really, I have a problem with this as well and have, as yet, discovered nothing short of having no internet the only cure for me. I am always so impressed by those who can control their computer/internet time. It's like it's my only