Sunday, August 8, 2010

Letting God Use What's Available

Yesterday while I was fixing supper, I realized that I was missing a key ingredient that I had forgotten to pick up at the store. At first I was extremely upset with myself for forgetting this item and it was putting me in a bad mood.

I was tempted to run to the store and grab the item I was out of. However, I remembered that a website I had been on earlier in the week had  a recipe to make this item I was out of. I went on that site, found the recipe, made it, and guess what? My meal survived and tasted delicious.

Later that evening God spoke to my heart. It was weird because I really felt Him speaking to me about my life. He whispered to me--

You make your life like that item you were missing.

I wasn't for sure what He meant by that, but He explained it very quickly before I could question Him.

"You tend to think that your life always has to look pretty for Me to use. If you think there is something that I want from you that don't have--you try to get that, do that, be that. The truth is, why not just let Me use what is already in your life and let Me make it into what I want it to be."

I was stunned at that moment when God spoke that into my heart. It's true. Many times I try to "fix" my life up so God will be amazed at how together I am. In reality though, He knows what a mess I am. I am learning that all I can do is hand God my crazy messed up life, with all the ingredients. He is the one that can make something beautiful come out of all these weird and crazy parts of me.

He wants me like I am. He wants you like you are. 

Let's stop trying to be somebody we are not. Let's allow Him to use what's available and make us someone special. If He could do it for Abraham, David, Peter, and Paul--He can most definitely do it for us.

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PACountryMouse said...

Beautiful message! Great devotional for my Sunday morning!