Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Shop is Now Open!

I am really excited about the opening of my Open Sky shop! I enjoy sharing with y'all products that have worked for me.

One of the newest things I have received is this adorable coffee mug.

This mug is a little more expensive than most that I have purchased ($14.95). I guess I was just taken by the person who is selling these. She has a corgi named Bailey that looks just like my Ruffles! It is unreal. And in honor of my little Ruff-Ruff
Isn't he just too darn cute?
I decided to choose this mug as my first item of choice! PLUS, I am going to start weaning myself completely off of coffee and start drinking tea instead (I am down to 1/4 a cup so I am doing great).

If you would like one of these adorable coffee mugs, all you need to do is just click that add to cart button and you can order one for yourself.

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Wendy said...

Cute mug! Cute corgi. Just have to say that: I haven't been by for awhile, and just read the intro of the last 5 posts and wanted to read them all right now, but it's late, and I can't right now, but can't wait to come back when I can curl up and read and catch up!
Until then,