Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reading Just for Fun

Our trip to the library this week netted some great books. In fact, each of us has a growing stack to read . . .just for the pure enjoyment of it!

Robert got books on different battles. He loves to read stuff like that and he also loves old guns. He found a book full of information on military guns from the older days. He also found a book on starting your own lawn care business. He has been mowing yards the last couple of years for money and has decided he might want to start his own lawn care business. I think it is a great idea, but I asked him to study up on first before he jumped in with both barrels.

Kayla loves books on rocks and minerals, plus she is wanting to learn morse code so she racked up on those kind of books. We also found out we have a humming bird, so we got a couple of bird books to see what we can do about feeding it. The Almanac book is the neatest. Lots of cool information in that book!

We found these books for school. Since we are studying Ancient Egypt right now, I am looking for anything to do with that and some hands on Biology stuff.

This is the book that I chose for myself, so that I can read up on my very spoiled chihuahua. He is a mess.

Try taking your kids to the library sometime just to let them choose books that they like--not anything that is scheduled, but just books that peak their interest. It will cause the reader in them to begin to flourish.


Blossom said...

Nice books!! We love books here also. I personally feel I haven't been able to read just for the fun of it in awhile.
Wanted to mention a book on guns. Simply titled "Guns: A Visual History" I believe. My ds has checked it out at least 3 times now.
We have a few Almanacs in our possession that I am surprised to find my kids' reading randomly, although they've read them through!
We live less than a block from the library (it's right outside my front yard!) so the librarians know us now quite well. The other day they actually asked my ds to pre-read a book for them (because it is on a topic that he has checked out so many books)! They definitely see us every day!
Thanks for sharing...and sorry this got so long!

Cracked Pot said...

Just thought I would let you know I have a book that you guys can borrow called "Egyptology". It is a really cool book lots of interesting stuff to look through.

Livy said...

I love books too. I want a full library one day.