Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: The Kids Have Their First Cooking Class

Our 2nd full week back to school is going pretty good. I think I finally got a handle on the curriculum and how to make it work for our family. Trying to follow it how it is written is just WAY too much overload for me and for them, so I am tearing it apart and doing it my own way.

This week the kids had their first cooking class of the year. If you remember, I told you that Stephen and I are really going to focus on many life skills this year that the kids will need when they are adults. Some of those that we will be studying this year is home-ec, auto shop, wood working class, and co-op (allowing the kids to build a work ethic by working with us).

Our cooking class this week went really well. The kids first lesson was on eggs. They learned all about them and was able to make french toast and scrambled eggs.

I think it is super important for the kids to be able to cook for themselves when they get older so that they do not have to rely on fast food or just sandwiches to feed them.

The kids, I think, were shocked that they actually prepared such a wonderful tasting meal. As they ate their breakfast we sat and talked about other meals that we could come up with using french toast and scrambled eggs. We have a great supply of menu ideas--some I am sure that you will be seeing here!

My son's remark after it was all said and done was--"Mom, now I know I can do this by myself!" He was quite proud of himself. Kayla was just as equally proud (but she cooks with me all the time anyway and does a great job at it too)

Oh--and the cooking lessons that we are using are free on the Internet from Future Christian Homemakers. You can access those lessons HERE.

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Giggly Girls said...

Yummy!!! Their future spouse will be happy with those skills. =o)

wdworkman said...

Looks delicious!
Janet W