Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Have Those Precious Pooches Been Up To?

My dogs. . . they love me! My pooches are so crazy. I love each of them like they were my own babies. Here is what each has been up to lately.

Ruffles does what he does best and that is sleep and protect. Here, though, he was trying to get someone to play tug-of-war with him and his little blue blankie. He is a mess, but he is my Corgi! You gotta love him.

Puff has decided that he like standing on my coffee table. He is at eye level with whoever is sitting on the couch. This is his way of getting your attention. Who could not love this little fluffball of a poodle?

And of course Tucker the chihuahua is busy as ever being spoiled rotten, sleeping, and fighting for the "man of the house" title.

What have your pets been up to lately?


Let's Just Give It Away said...

They are so cute! Thanks for taking part in Subscriber Wednesday. I am your latest subscriber.
: )
Let's Just Give It Away

Karen said...

Love your puppies. They are so cute! I also love the theme of your blog. I'm an author wannabe. I have tons of things I've written laying around waiting on me to do something with them. I just don't know what to do with them yet! Now following you.
karen @

Veronica Lee said...

Too cute!!
Thanks for the follow. I'm following back your awesome blog.

Have a nice day!

Bocci said...

Your pooches are adorable! Glad you followed Bocci's Beefs! Hope you enjoy our blog and spread the word about it to your pet loving follower and friends-thanks!

Your buddy,

Anonymous said...

Following you back! I love the dogs, they are so cute!