Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Something has been really bothering me the last few days. Since this is my blog, I thought I would address it here, just in case you may have some viewpoints on this topic as well.

I guess what has just got my blood to boiling is the fact that most of the kids in my neighborhood are raising themselves. The parents just don't seem to care anymore.

This is very saddening to me.

The day before yesterday, I had to go outside and be the referee to an argument that was going on between a couple of the boys that play with my kids. I sat them down and talked to them about their behavior while they are at my house. They both apologized and all was fine, but it just frustrates me.

Parents--PLEASE take your job seriously. It is not the school's responsibility or the church's responsibility to raise your kids! It is YOURS!

God gave each of us a charge the moment we realized we were with child. At that point, this special person that belongs to the Lord, was given to YOU to nurture and raise in the admonition of the Lord. From the moment we decided to become a parent, we were saying to God, "I can do this. I can be a parent." Does that mean we always do a great job? No! But what it does mean is that we strive to do our best for the Lord in caring for His creation.

Our kids are not to tend to themselves all the time so that we can go off and live our lives and party and just do "whatever." That life was given up when we became parents. Our job is to instruct them on how to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. Kids NEED grownups who can share with them advice on how to be the person that will shape who they are in the future. They don't need friends. They have plenty of them What they need is a parent. They may not act like they want a grown ups advice, but deep down, they do. Trust me. I have talked to many kids who SOAK UP that interaction--when you pay special attention to them when they have a problem. They look for that guidance.

It is not the Youth Pastor's job to guide your children. It is not the teacher's job to guide your children. These people are there to HELP build upon what YOU, the parent, are teaching them.

I am not saying I have it all together, because frankly I don't. But Stephen and I have made a committment to our children and to each other to be there for them and to teach them until they leave the nest. We are not leaving anything to chance. We are not allowing the world to teach our children what we the parents are to teach them. Does this mean we coddle them and protect them from everything around them? Nope! It means we are the ones preparing them for whatever the world is going to throw at them. We are teaching them how the Lord would handle it.

Let's prepare our children to succeed in this generation that they are living.

What about you? Will you take this parenting challenge with me? Take the time today to sit down and talk with your child about what he needs from you, what she is not getting from you and build upon that.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

There are very few parents out there like yourself. For one, the Word says that road is narrow, and there are FEW who find it. So, most are not serving God and know very little, if anything, about His Word and His ways. 2nd...many have never had a decent role model and do not know HOW to be a good parent. And 3rd...we have such crappity crap "alternative" methods of child training out there, that many of these kids don't stand a chance. How about the one where EVERY child wins a trophy in a sport, cause we don't want little Johnny to think poorly of himself. Or schools that don't give out "F's" cause it might damage little Susie's self esteem.
Then, of course, you have the parents who are simply overwhelmed and cannot deal with the angry, self-absorbed, selfish little brat they have raised. It is easier just to let them do what they want, eat what they want, wear what they want, etc. Have you ever seen the TV show, "World's Strictest Parents"? Two teens get sent to a family for a week where the kids have to live with a family where the parents are extremely strict and there are rules. These kids rebel, rebel, rebel, but as they learn to submit to the new "parents" and begin obeying the rules there is a breaking in them that always amazes me. 9 out 10 times those kids end up really loving the strict parents and are anxious for their own parents to come pick them up at the end of the week so they can begin implementing some of what they have learned.
Kids crave consistency and order. Sadly, most of the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
And, lest we think Christian parents are exempt, let me assure you, we are not. I have a couple in rebellion right now, and have had one in juvenile detention, jail, had her son taken away and given to us to raise for nearly 2 years, etc. All this in a home where Jesus is Lord and we have been obedient to the Word. I am consoled by the book of Genesis, where the Almighty God, the PERFECT Father, had a son, Adam, who rebelled again Him.
So, all this to say, just continue to be a light to your children's friends, and love on them, encourage them, share the Word when you can. There are a couple of my daughter's friends who I have kept in touch with all these years and have become like a 2nd mama to them. Be encouraged.

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...


You are such a great mom!! There is nothing that I believe in more than being involved with my children 100%. Nothing upsets me more than to see a parent turn a blind eye to bad behavior and rudeness. Unfortunately, it seems to be the majority these days.

Visiting you from the Raising Homemakers site!

On a Journey said...


Jennifer said...

My hubby and I feel the exact same way Jennifer!

God Bless you and your family!