Friday, February 22, 2008

For The Love of Pete Stop Whining!

Okay, okay. I know the title looks a little alarming, and I can bet your thinking, "What kind of freakish mom is she?" Well let me reassure you that this comment is not for my kids.....and it's not for my husband.....heck, it's not even for the dog (bless his little heart). IT"S FOR ME!!!
I can just imagine God holding his ears this week as I have whined and complained about every little thing I could think of. Good gracious, I'm even tired of hearing my own whining! Things have just been so hectic that all I've done is whine and complain! Here is kinda my run down list to God this week. Take a peek and see if you have said any of these things to God lately:
  • God, I am so tired of being overweight. Can't you just suck the fat out and from now on I will make better choices about what I eat
  • God, I am so sleepy and I could use a nap but I know if I don't play this level 83 of this game then someone will come behind me and get ahead of me and then I will have to start all over again
  • God I am so tired of cooking and cleaning up after these half grown people you call my family. Can't you just make them magically pick up after themselves and wait on me hand and foot for a change?
  • God I am sick and tired of doing Math. Why do we need math again? Now how many cookies did they each get again?
  • Lord, when do I get to have me time? I mean when I get out of this 45 minute bathtub soak, I have to go into the living room and sit and enjoy some family time watching our favorite shows and I just don't have time for me. When God when?????
As you can tell by my list, I have been full of whineyitis this week. But to be honest, we get whiney when we are no longer content with the things that God has us going through. God does not allow us to go through those things in order to punish us or to harm us, but we go through those things in order to build character in us.
Robert (our son) has been going through a character building stage here recently. He sprained his ankle last Saturday and is not used to this kind of "building process", so he has had to readjust some of the things he normally does in order to accept with a challenge those new things that God is doing in his life.(More about these in another blog date!)
Enjoy the day and remember.....less whiney, more shiney!!!

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