Monday, July 28, 2008

Something Weighing Heavily On My Mind

As you all noticed, I changed my background again! I just can't seem to leave it the same for very long, because I like change. Last night, Stephen started his new career move as an electrician apprentice and I think that the children and I handled it all just fine.

Kids are funny, ya know. My heart swelled with pride last night as my husband walked out the door to go to work, and my son just kinda stepped up to be "the man" while daddy is away. He was so kind and gentle last night with his sister, and with me, and just his whole demeanor was totally different. He is usually like that anyway, but just moving into the teenage years this past year has been a huge change for him in his attitude about alot of things. I am learning everyday with him how to let go and let him grow up some and become a responsible and caring young man of God.

Which brings me to what has been laying so heavily on my mind the last couple of days. I watch all the kids around me that my children play with, and I see all the latest toys, clothes, gadgets, and extreme freedom that they all possess. I begin to wonder whether Stephen and I shield them from to much or are we doing what God intended for us to do? Are we not giving them enough....such as the latest gaming system, or buying them something everytime we go to the store....letting them listen to any kind of music they want to, watching any rated movie out there, or allowing their best friends to be just anybody?

But as I pray daily, God continues to bring to mind the scripture that says "I set you apart to be a different generation than before you, set apart to be holy and pleasing before God." (my paraphrase) As Christians, if we look like the world, act like the world, listen to the same music as the world, watch the same movies as the world, treat each other as the world treats everyone.....then why is there a need to be a Christian? Christian in the greek term means little Christ....we are to be like Christ. He was so very different from the rest of the world, and I can not find anywhere in Scripture where He apologized for being different.

Christ was not afraid to be who God created Him to be. He loved being labeled as a heretic for God. Stephen and I want our kids to grow up loving God, but also to know that loving God comes at a higher price than just loving Him with our lips. We have to love Him with our hearts. As a little Christ, we are called to a higher standard of living. We have got to show the world that yes, you can be different, and still have fun. We need to show them that you can stand firm on God's word for something you believe in. We need to show them that being holy for the Lord does not make us "self righteous", but it makes us a sweet smelling savour to our Lord.

I see so many adults, teens, and even young children who do not take their walk with Christ serious enough. I think of all the bad things that He brought me out of and me being completely sold out to Him is the absolute least I can do to show Him that I love Him.

I know this post is long, but I just had to share with you all my heart today. I am so thankful that Stephen and I are bringing our children up the way that we are. I am thankful that they appreciate all that Christ has done for them, and that they are learning in this world that it is A-Okay to be different and set apart.

I challenge you today to take a stand for the one Man who gave His life for you, so that you could live it to the fullest for Him everyday.

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