Monday, August 4, 2008

From Mess to Miracle

It was no easy thing repairing a marriage that had been completley torn apart by lust, greed, infidelity, pornography, pride, hatred, lies and mistrust. But God is a God of wonders and miracles. When Stephen and I came clean with each other about our pasts, and laid our marriage at the feet of Jesus for Him to fix and repair, things began to happen.

I can tell you that it was not a quick fix overnight. No sir, it tooks MONTHS and MONTHS of us giving of ourselves to each other and to God. During our counseling sessions, who was led by our friend, Charlie, he told us one thing that has ALWAYS stuck in my head--give 100% of yourself to your mate and expect nothing in return.

When we did this for each other, love began to grow again. My heart began to beat again with love, but not selfish love. It was the Savior's love for my husband that beat deep within inside my heart. I began to look at my kids in a different light. No longer were they irritants or a nuisance, but they immediatley became blessings and woderful works of God.

God had to break my heart to remake it like the heart that He wanted me to have. The first time I read the scriptures about taking out the stony heart and giving you a new heart of flesh I knew that this was exactly what He was doing to me. My stony heart was gone and in the place of that God put a fleshly heart for my God, my husband and my children.

My marriage is now better than I ever could have imagined. God is really a miracle worker, when we allow Him to be. I love my family now more than anything(except God!) and love to be with them and spend time together! They are the absolute best friends I ever thought of having.

Don't ever doubt God and His miracle powers. The problem doesn't lay in God and His abilities, the problem lies in whether we are willing to lay it at His feet and allow Him to repair it!

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